Swati Gaur AGSF, MD, MBA, CMD

Medical Director, Northeast Georgia Health System

Swati Gaur MD, MBA, CMD, AGSF is a geriatrician in Gainesville GA. She is medical director at long-term care facilities at Northeast Georgia Health System. She also consults with EMR implementation and optimization for the PALTC. She also consults with large PALTC network in the state on strategy, integration, quality and efficiency. She is the vice chair of Infection Advisory Committee with the society of post-acute long-term care, formerly AMDA. She is also a member of IPAC- innovation Platform Advisory Council also with the Society of PALTC. She is also a member of Health Systems Innovation-Economics and Technology Committee with the American Geriatrics Society. She is a member of the Georgia Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee.