Lindsey Jett CPhT, MALT

Quality Improvement Advisor, atom Alliance

Lindsey Jett, CPhT, MALT, is a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) with over ten years in healthcare as a retail pharmacy technician, consultant pharmacy technician, social worker, and marketer for a major healthcare corporation. Lindsey gained extensive experience as a patient advocate while Director of Social Services at a skilled nursing facility offering a full range of support services to patients, families, and caregivers. Lindsey brings a vast knowledge of medicine and medication related adverse drug events to Qsource, collaborating with healthcare professionals and offering guidance and technical support to Care Coordination communities to achieve improvements in quality of care. Lindsey was a co- facilitator in the Qsource Performance Improvement Project (PIP) to improve safe opioid use in the SNF setting. She also facilitates the Statewide Taskforce for Opioid Prevention in Tennessee (STOP-TN) that brings together healthcare professionals, including SNFs, across the state of Tennessee to work together to find solutions to the opioid crisis that is facing our state and our nation.