AMDA's 2019 Annual Conference

FR7 - A Fellowship Curriculum to Teach Dementia Behavior Problem-Solving Skills

Mar 8, 2019 11:00am ‐ Mar 8, 2019 12:00pm


This session will provide an overview of a dementia-behavior problem-solving curriculum piloted with our 2017-18 geriatric medicine and psychiatry fellows. These five fellows participated in five skill-building workshops that introduced them to neuropathology of communication change in dementia, nonverbal communication skills, assessing persons with dementia for retained abilities, decoding the meaning of challenging behaviors, and empowering the team to develop and implement strategies to improve or accommodate challenging behaviors. These workshops took place both in dementia support settings and in a conference room. At the end of the year, each fellow presented a patient who exhibited a particularly challenging behavior and discussed how they worked with their teams to address the behavior challenge. We debriefed with them to reflect on what worked and opportunities to further improve outcomes, and the problem-solving process for one of these cases will be presented during this interactive session.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Identify unmet needs that contribute to challenging dementia behaviors.
  • Advocate for supportive dementia care that helps all people living with brain change (caregivers and patients) avoid or improve challenging behaviors. 
  • Promote and empower a culture of positive dementia care.
  • Use a structured team-based approach to problem-solve challenging dementia behavior situations.


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